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IMA – Israeli Doctors Association

IMA - Israeli Medical AssociationInformation for doctors who want to immigrate to Israel.

The practice of medicine in Israel is regulated by law and the Ministry of Health, Division of Medical Professions is responsible for the licensure of physicians in Israel.

In order to be licensed to practice medicine in Israel, the physician must be an Israeli citizen or a permanent resident in Israel; a graduate of an accredited medical school; post a one year rotating internship (“STAJ”); of “good character “(i.e. – no criminal record), and in good mental and physical health.

Hadassah Medical Center

Hadassah Medical CenterSearch a Doctor in Israel.

Hadassah Medical Center makes every effort in saving people’s lives and promoting the public health.

Israel Doctors

Israel DoctorGetting access to doctors and health care professionals in Israel can be a tedious process – especially for foreign workers, expatriates, tourists or students not yet signed up for national health insurance. We set out in 2014 to make it easier for you to find and contact great doctors in Israel.

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health
Physicians who are graduates of recognized schools of medicine abroad and practiced the profession abroad, or physicians who completed their studies and internship abroad but did not practice the profession, will be eligible for a license to practice medicine in Israel only after successfully completing the government licensing examinations in medicine.

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