Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in Israel

By law, every Israeli resident must be registered with one of the health maintenance organizations (HMOs). In order to register with an HMO, please register through one of the branches of the Israel Postal Company and fill out a special application form.

Kupat Cholim (HMO) also offers supplemental health services (“supplemental insurance”) not included in the regular basket of health services provided in the law. These include participation in the purchase of various drugs, receiving the opinion of a specialist, personal choice of a surgeon, orthodontic treatment, sports medical treatments, dietetic consultations and more.

List of HMOs In Israel

Kupat Holim Clalit

HMO ClalitClalit, also Klalit is one of Israel’s leading health service organizations. Widely known as Kupat Holim Clalit, it was established in 1911 as a mutual aid society.

Kupat Holim Maccabi

Israel HMO MaccabiMaccabi Healthcare Services is the second largest health maintenance organization in Israel. It was founded in 1941 by Jewish doctors who immigrated to Israel from Germany as an alternative to the health-care program of the Histadrut.

Kupat Holim Meuchedet

Israel HMO MeuhedetKupat Holim Meuhedet is Israel’s third largest health maintenance organization (HMO). The organization was founded in 1974 as the result of a merger of two other HMOs. Meuhedet today has over 250 clinics throughout the country, in cities, towns, and villages.

Kupat Holim Leumit

Israel HMO LeumitLeumit is one of the four health funds in Israel and has about 700,000 members. Leumit operates more than 300 medical centers and 100 pharmacies nationwide.

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